What is linkage? Prince William rumor sparks interest in sex law

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Quick: What is Prince Williamlegacy? Is it the second in the series of succession to the British throne? Is it his short tenure as a cover star for countless issues J-14 And the People The Sexiest Man Alive editions (and his subsequent disappearance from these publications after he hit his thirties and revealed that he is less genetically related to his glamorous mother and more to his carrot-like dad?) or is it inadvertently promoting a sexual act that was most closely associated with the heroic franchise? supernatural?

Last week, His Royal Highness’ legacy took root mainly when the hashtag #PrinceOfPegging started appearing on Twitter. The hashtag was based on advice from DeuxMoi, an Instagram account that posts (not fully verified) blind items to celebrities. Last week, a blind operative focused on a member of the British royal family whose affairs are out of wedlock “An open secret in London and among the English Aristotle group.” The blind article reads as follows:

“At a recent media party, I was told that the real reason for this case is the royal family’s love for it link, who considers his wife too old to engage with her. The wife doesn’t mind it and in fact would prefer her husband to have his sexual needs elsewhere, as long as things don’t get emotional, as it was with the last woman.”

For beginners, “bind”, the term Coined by Dan Savage, is the act of wearing a belt and having sex with another person; It often refers to a heterosexual man being penetrated by his female partner, but this is not necessarily the case. The act has been historically stigmatized, but is gaining increasing acceptance within the cis-hetero community, thanks to increased cultural visibility via shows such as Broad City and movies like Dead List. “More heterosexual men are ignoring their shame-based biases about anal receptivity, and more heterosexual women are becoming empowered through the hook-up images they see in popular media,” says Ashley Manta, sex and intimacy coach. She predicts that the hook “will continue to become more common until it’s no more taboo than a hand job or a blow job.”

Many royal watchers interpreted the advice as a reference to Prince William, whose marriage to Kate Middleton has been subject to intense speculation over the past few years. This is largely due to rumors circulating about an extramarital affair between William and Rose Hanbury, who uses the nickname Cholmondele’s career (Pronounced chomley, for some reason). In 2019, there was a story (now deleted) in the British tabloid the sun Suggesting that Kate Middleton and Rose, who had been good friends for some time, were at odds, with some suggesting that William’s alleged affair with Rose was part of the reason. (As to form, the Palace did not comment directly on the story, instead sending anonymous sources to refute it. “This is a matter of a lie going around the world before the truth has had time to take its shoes off.” Tell daily mail.)

After that story was published, Rose has since been seen going to church with William and Kate, and has also been photographed at Prince Philip’s memorial service a few months ago, ostensibly spreading such rumours. However, William’s inappropriate whispers are long overdue remaining In the media, with the blind component DeuxMoi only fuels speculation.

Does William know this rumor? Most likely not. Is he perceptive enough to know that, if true, it would be the most interesting thing about him? no. And would he be pleased with the fact that he was inadvertently elected as his spokesperson due to a prohibited sexual act increasingly embraced by heterosexual men?? Mostly not.

But that seems to be exactly what happened, if the Google Trends data surrounding the term “bind” is any indication: as of last Thursday, the search for “link” is It has increased by 400%. Furthermore, Pornhub Insights, a leader in cultural trends, published a blog Mail Noting that searches for ‘link’ are up 318 per cent in the UK alone, with searches for ‘link’ up 98 per cent as well. The top three searches for the term included “female hooking up,” “triple hooking,” and “butt hooking.” Hail Britannia.

This week on Don’t Let It False, rolling rockPodcast about internet news and culture, hosts Ej Dickson and Liz Garber-Paul (filling Brittany Spanos on vacation this week) discuss Prince William’s alleged under-powered status, as well as Nazi fur, Kevin Bacon’s new career as a TikTok sex symbol and the return of Bama’s Rush Talk.

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