Should you stretch before or after exercise?

picture: Daptrus (stock struggle) When should you stretch? As with many aspects of Fitness, there are different schools of opinion, and I studied, as it were, with each of them. I stretch before workouts because that’s what everyone does; I have Give up stretching before you work out Because I felt that the negatives outweighed … Read more

Hong Kong to cut Covid-19 quarantine for 3 days

HONG KONG – The city government has reduced the Covid-19 quarantine period for incoming travelers from seven days to three days, easing restrictions that many saw as excessive but less than What companies say is required To restore the vital connection to its role as a pioneer in Asia global financial center. From Friday, officials … Read more

The No. 1 Vitamin That Keeps Your Brain ‘Young and Healthy’ – and Foods to Eat Every Day

As a nutritional psychologist, I always make it a point to maintain a balanced diet. A lot of that has to do with making sure I get all the right vitamins, especially because they’re essential for prevention cognitive decline. Given that the risks Neurological diseases increase with ageA question I often get from my patients … Read more