15 years of Neil Gaiman’s adaptation

Today, Stardust is 15 years old.picture: Basic I also sat down to re-visit Matthew Vaughn adaptation subordinate Neil Gaiman’s novel stardustA friend who was visiting asked me a question. “what are you watching?” “stardust. “What is this?” “This fantasy movie with Michelle Pfeiffer and Robert De Niro.” “I’ve never heard of it before.”Henry Cavill is … Read more

Google Search and Google Maps were briefly disabled offline last night

picture: Torsten Sells (Getty Images) Large numbers of US netizens last night briefly experienced the dark and frustrating realities of a world without Google services. Although Google has since fixed the outage issues, there are new reports Suggest The disturbances may be related to an “electrical accident” at the Council Bluffs, Iowa data center, which … Read more

The Art of Prophecy brings martial arts martial artists to their knees

Ling Taishi, my beloved murderous mother.picture: Random Penguin House As legendary war artist Ling Taishi watches the teenage hero who prophesied about her nation, Wen Jianand, performing in a decorative wrestling arena, she quickly realizes that boy is the worst possible outcome. Misguided, over-indulgent, undertrained dirtbag teen. So much for being a child warrior Zhuun … Read more