GM is the government for cars again

General motors CEO Mary Barra seems to have learned from her rival Elon Musk From Tesla The first key to success in the electric car business is to lubricate the political system with government aid. She appeared at a White House event last Thursday to promote the Inflation Cut Act, the Democrats’ tax and spending … Read more

Chip makers expect demand to slow to outpace PCs and smartphones

The chip industry, which has been bracing for a tough time as laptop sales slump, is adjusting to a broader and more severe slowdown even as semiconductor companies prepare to spend billions of dollars on new plants. “The market is worse than we thought,” Mark Murphy, CFO at Memory Maker micron Technology Co., Ltd., tues. … Read more

Don’t be fooled by low headline inflation in the US. Markets will adjust to another figure on Wednesday.

All traders, investors, and economists are relying on Wednesday’s CPI report to show a drop in the headline annual inflation rate in the US for the month of July. But another number buried in the CPI data has a tendency to shake up the markets. It’s called the annual core CPI reading, and it’s a … Read more

Hong Kong to cut Covid-19 quarantine for 3 days

HONG KONG – The city government has reduced the Covid-19 quarantine period for incoming travelers from seven days to three days, easing restrictions that many saw as excessive but less than What companies say is required To restore the vital connection to its role as a pioneer in Asia global financial center. From Friday, officials … Read more

A bustling job market is putting “booming inflation” back on the map for investors

Instead, the concern has shifted to what a crowded job market and higher costs of everything mean for stocks and bond portfolios, especially if they turn into a combination of higher growth and inflation with staying power. What do we call such a scenario? “Boomflation,” said Kent Engelk, chief economist at Capitol Securities Management, pointing … Read more

Mets big strategy to win the world championship

The gag about Citi Field Club these days is that New York Mets’ recent acquisition of Daniel Vogelbach has been a slapstick secret. This is because most of the time he was at the base for his new club, he would go for a walk or alone. One look at his shirt size tells you … Read more