‘El Jefe’ Jaguar, famous in the United States, was filmed in Mexico

MEXICO CITY (AP) – They call him “Jevi,” at least 12 years old, and his crossing of the tight US-Mexico border has drawn celebrations from both sides. “El Jefe” – or “The Boss” – is one of the oldest recorded tigers along the border, one of the few known to have crossed a border partially … Read more

Ex-rebel sworn in as Colombia’s president in historic turnaround

BOGOTA, Colombia (AFP) – Colombia’s first leftist president will be sworn in Sunday, vowing to fight inequality and heralding a turning point in the history of a country haunted by a long war between the government and guerrilla groups. Senator Gustavo Petro, a former member of the Colombian guerrilla group M-19, won the presidential election … Read more

NCAA collars wrestle with inequality in pay for women referees

The NCAA won praise last year when it agreed to pay referees for men’s and women’s basketball equally.. The gesture only cost about $100,000, a fraction of the roughly $900 million networks pay annually to broadcast March Madness. Now, as the NCAA examines the different disparities between men’s and women’s sportsPressure is also growing to … Read more