Nonprofit says recycling center has been burdened with residents for years, and needs stricter oversight from NJ DEP

Harmful smoke rising in the southern part of the city. Explosions can be heard throughout the city centre. Vibration of walls in buildings located on the waterfront. Camden residents have all had problems over the years, which they say are related to the practices going on at the nearby Eastern Metal Recycling facility. Eastern Metal … Read more

Metaspectral wins CSA funding + develops EO payload for ISS with HySpeed ​​Computing partner – SatNews

newly, spectral meta Receive funding as part of Canadian Space Agency Smart Earth An initiative to build a method for the systematic and systematic determination of carbon dioxide (CO2) levels present at Earth’s altitude using hyperspectral data. Metaspectral has created a hybrid on-premises and cloud-based software platform that is used in a variety of industries … Read more

New study overturns 100-year understanding of color perception

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain A new study corrects an important error in mathematical 3D space developed by Nobel Prize-winning physicist Erwin Schrödinger and others, and used by scientists and industry for more than 100 years to describe how your eye distinguishes one color from another. The research has the potential to enhance scientific data visualizations, … Read more

Why the UK import ban threatens wildlife conservation

Cup hunting, in which animals with characteristics such as bighorns are legally hunted, and their meat usually eaten – is a matter of great controversy. While some argue that Unethical It offers few benefits, others say important incentive To conserve threatened species and habitats by helping generate revenue for local governments and communities. restrictions On … Read more

Walgreens helped fuel the opioid crisis in San Francisco, rule the rules

Placeholder while loading article actions Walgreens helped fuel the opioid epidemic in San Francisco by shipping and distributing addictive drugs without due diligence, a federal judge ruled Wednesday in what lawyers suing the retailer called a “corporate wake-up call.” US District Judge Charles Breyer said Walgreens “significantly contributed” to one of the nation’s deadliest public … Read more