Mom Renovated Marilyn Monroe’s Last Home With Joe Dimaggio With A Shocking Roof Discovery: ‘Really cool’

a Mom Change the lamp in her historic Hollywood Homepage She found a shocking discovery in her ceiling, and fans of Marilyn Monroe were stunned.

impersonator and tik tok Actress Jasmine ChiswellTweet embedShe moved into the last home of Marilyn Monroe and Joe Dimaggio in 2019. Since then, she and her husband have trusted a lot. strange accidents In the Los Angeles mansion – but nothing is as shocking as the artifacts they came across during the renovation.

Now, much like the couple They made a frightening discovery in the attic of their 108-year-old homeJasmine’s amazing discovery is making waves tik tok.

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The house, built in 1938, was the last home of baseball star Joe Dimaggio and Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe. a $237 for a rent check From 1953 linking the two with the Mediterranean Sea.pattern A mansion overlooking the 160-acre Runyon Canyon.

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Image courtesy of Gotta Have Rock and Roll

According to Jasmine’s home tour clips, the house retains many of the original features chosen by Jo and Marilyn—such as light fixtures, art, bathtubs, tiles, and even towels.

As Jasmine documents in her videos, living in Marilyn Monroe’s former home is a surreal — and sometimes, miraculous — experience too.

in this time-viral video (Little baby Jasmine appears, Midnight), the family revealed to their followers on TikTok that they believe their house is haunted by the spirit of Marilyn Monroe.

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according to Mansion Global1954 was a “hiccup” for Marilyn – as was her relationship with former Yankees star Joe DiMaggio.

“In January [1954]she married / married Dimaggio. In September, she began shooting for director Billy Wilder’s The Seven Year Itch, which includes an iconic scene of the stars standing on a Manhattan subway network while puffing off steam in her puffy white dress. And in October, just nine months after they vowed not to separate, she filed for divorce from DiMaggio. Two years later, Monroe walked down the aisle with playwright Arthur Miller. When that relationship ended in 1961, I started seeing Dimaggio again.”

But the spirits that could potentially remain did not frighten Jasmine and her family. Instead, he seemed to like them more on the property.

according to Zillow قائمة List For the home, the couple purchased the 3,620-square-foot property for $2.7 million. Since then, the two have gently restored the house to its former Hollywood glory, right down to the original touches on the stairs.

But while renovating and settling in the house, Scottish-born Jasmine and her husband made some shocking discoveries – discoveries that have rocked TikTok.

Euphoria star Angus Cloud shares fun facts about himself on the IYKYK game:

TikTokers were shocked by Jasmine’s finds at home – and some credit her love of Marilyn Monroe for driving her into the elements.

One user wrote in the comments: “I honestly think letting you find these as a thank you for continuing to celebrate her legacy 😭🤩”.

Another user commented, “I love that she lives in her house, there is no better person than to take care of and watch over one of Marilyn’s houses.”

“Magains and autographs are really cool finds! 💞💕, another user commented.

“Oh my God it must have been so exciting to find!!! I am so jealous,” one user wrote.

It seems that even after the grave, Marilyn and Joe are still making headlines and making a fuss — and hopefully, Jasmine continues to spread TikTok on all of their scary encounters in Hollywood.

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