Kansas Basketball Team roster: Starting lineup prediction, bench rotations, and depth predictions for the 2022-23 season

Since the NCAA Championship expanded to 64 teams in 1985—and eventually to 68 teams in 2011—only two programs have won consecutive national championships: duke In 1991, 1992 and Florida in 2006 and 2007. With the 2022-23 season approaching, kansas She has some big holes to fill from last season’s roster if she wants to join the elite repeat champions.

After four memorable seasons together, Ochai Agbaji and David McCormack moved from KU after playing starring roles in helping lift the Jayhawks to their first title since 2008. Other major contributors to the title-winning team also left, including versatile winger Christian Brown, Offensive explosive goalkeeper Remy Martin and esteemed big man Mitch Lightfoot.

Although many of the faces in the rotation will be new, a couple of freshmen will be returning, and a slew of talented players are on the verge of exiting the reserve roles or out of the nation. Fourth place in the recruitment category To help replace late production. In the end, it would be surprising to see a major drop in a program that hasn’t missed a NCAA tournament since 1989.

With the new season approaching, let’s take a look at the Kansas roster and try to decipher what the Jayhawks’ lineup could look like as they try to replicate as the NCAA Champions.

Expected starting lineup

1. Daguan Harris, Jr.

6-1 | 170 | redshirt junior

Harris is one of two freshmen returning in KU after scoring 29 minutes per game in his sophomore season. Although small in size and mathematically limited, he proved to be a steady hand for the Jayhawks in facilitating the attack. Harris also has a knack for shredding opposing ballplayers and slipping into passing lanes when defending. His predecessors Devon Dotson, Graham Defonte and Frank Mason set very high standards at the point of view in terms of offensive production. But as long as other players step up to take on the offensive burden this season, Harris can continue to thrive as a role player.

2. Kevin McCullard

6-6 | 210 | redshirt SR.

With three years of experience in the Big 12 under his belt in Texas Tech, McCullar arrives at Kuwait University as one of the most famous players in the peripheral league. He is a strong defender and a physical presence who can help with distribution and scoring while also handling challenging defensive tasks. His 29.9% 3-point career isn’t great, especially when paired with Harris, who is just an average shooter. but like No. 19 Transition Rank Out of season, he will be instrumental in helping KU replace Agbaji and Braun.

3. Grady Dick

6-8 | 205 | the father.

Dick completed the 2022 enlistment cycle and ranked 21st in the class 247 Sports. As McDonald’s All-American star and former Sunrise Force star Christian, Wichita, KS, local figures to make an immediate impact. 247 Sports Recruitment Analyst Description of Brandon Jenkins Dick as a “tall and slender shooter with a strong basketball IQ and great size for a wing position.” Given that KU’s four best 3-point shooters are gone from last season, Dick’s shooting prowess will be required.

4. Galen Wilson

6-8 | 225 | redshirt junior

Wilson’s production stagnated a bit in his sophomore season for the red jersey, while Agbaji and Brown took their playing to new heights, but he still averaged 11.1 points. Now, it’s his turn for a special year. Wilson can score in all three levels and guard multiple positions, making him the type of versatile weapon trainer Bill Self will rely on in almost any type of formation. If he can improve his career by 29.8% by a 3-point mark, Wilson could become the 2023 NBA Draft pick because of that versatility. He’s the most proven player in the Kansas uniform on this list.

5. Zach Clemens

6-10 | 225 | Will.

Clemens appeared in 24 games and scored just 118 minutes as a freshman stuck behind a pack of veterans last season. But while playing the former four-star potential player, he sheds light on the kind of skill set that should get Kansas fans excited about what he can do in an expanded role. For example: in four minutes during the opening match of the 2021-22 season against Michigan State, Clemens scored seven points, hit the 3-pointer and collected two steals. It’s a real great offensive extension and should be athletic enough to block shots, defend captures, and roll defensively. Fitness may be a concern.


MG rice

6-5 | 220 | the father.
Rice earned a McDonald’s All-American honor and finished the 2022 recruitment cycle as the 37th player in the class, according to 247Sports. It’s listed as a bench option here, but Self explained that this summer Rice will be looking for a job initially. Although Rice is originally from Durham, North Carolina, he averaged 20.1 points per game at Prolific Prep in Napa, California, last season. 247 Sports Recruitment Analyst Brandon Jenkins books Anne Rice “has the physique of a Mach but combines a strong chassis with a great deal of sportiness and skill.”

Bobby Pettiford Jr.

6-1 | 190 | the father.
Pettford played a consistent role during the first month of last season until a stomach injury derailed a promising junior campaign. Self had no problem posting Harris and Martin together as a junior duo in 2021-22, so there should be plenty of minutes available for Pettford in either of the guard slots while Self discovers Duran in his backcourt.

KJ Adams Jr.

6-7 | 225 | Will.
Adams is an incredibly athletic striker who played a utilitarian role in 37 games as a true freshman. With an increase in minutes, he could become a human highlight reel for Jayhawks on both ends. He’s not an outside threat, but he’s the kind who can make a win off the bench and evolve into a crowd favorite as his career continues to progress.

Joseph Yesofu

6-0 | 180 | Son.
Yesufu debuted on the national stage at the 2020 NCAA Championships with two great offensive performances drake. Now in his second season in Kansas, he’s fighting for a steady role after his NCAA minutes dwindled last season. Although one of Martin’s smaller guards left, the return of Harris and Pettford meant there was still a battle of minutes between the smaller guards.


Ernst Ude Jr. 6-11 | 240 | the father.
Zubi Ejiofor | 6-9 | 235 | the father.
Cam Martin | 6-9 | 230 | Redshirt Sr.

Unless Self is ready to embrace a small ball emblem, the Jayhawks will absolutely need some help in the frontal area while McCormack and Lightfoot leave. Clemens appears to be a good bet to retain the starting role, and Adams appears likely to play some power forward off the bench. Then, it seemed like there was a chance for three players to steal a role in the front yard. Ejiofor and Udeh are true four-star freshmen, while Martin is the polar opposite as a sixth-year student who moved from Southern Missouri before last season. Martin was an all-American Division 2 student who spent last season in a red jersey. Don’t be surprised if one of these three finds its way into the spin. As an American McDonald’s, Audi definitely has a high school pedigree to make an early impact.

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