MundoCrypto Metaverse event to break previous Guinness World Record for largest virtual reality (VR) event

MadridAnd the August 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – MundoCrypto, the leading crypto training academy across Spanish-speaking countries, is proud to host the world’s largest in-person virtual event (VR) during the launch of their Metaverse. The event will take place on August 27 2022in the WiZink Center in Madrid7,500 guests will make history together as they attempt … Read more

LS Mtron launches new intelligent AI-based injection molding system

“This technology is the next step that LS Mtron is taking toward creating the intelligent injection molding plant of the future,” said Peter Gardner, Business Director of LS Mtron Injection Molding Machine North America. “It will help molds improve parts quality, reduce costs, increase productivity and deliver products faster.” Practical and Realistic Intelligent Injection Molding … Read more

‘Better Late Than Never’: How Brian Eno and David Byrne Finally Put a Musical Phantom to Rest | Pop and rock music

IIn the early 1970s in Lebanon, a young singer from a mountain town north of Beirut was on the rise. Before the 1975 civil war, the capital was a thriving artistic center in the Arab world, where folk dance traditions reached new heights. There, Donia Younes was a rising star, appearing in musicals and collaborating … Read more

Colbert on the Trump investigation: ‘It’s what you’ve always thought but it’s worse’ | Late night TV tour

Stephen Colbert Stephen Colbert was “still hot and upset about it FBI raid in Mar-a-Lago“Wednesday evening,” he said on the Late Show. “My network turns out to be sequels.” The Surprising FBI search Trump’s private Florida home, for which they had a search warrant, was part of a long-running investigation into whether the former president … Read more

The book has insight, and there is no clear answer to the picture of the Northham Yearbook

An investigative effort by a Virginia author to uncover the origins of a racist image in the medical school yearbook page of Ralph Northam has ended inconclusive, according to the author, who has written a book that provides new details about the 2019 scandal and the former governor’s remarkable political survival. RICHMOND, Virginia (Associated Press) … Read more

Big man training camp battle

It might be more than a month away from boot camp, but the groundwork for a spot battle has already been laid. Noah Funlet, Bruno Capoclo, and Mfiondo Kabingel will put their skills against each other as they look to earn one of the CelticsListed places are open for next season. Things could have been … Read more