A flexible and powerful CMS to easily build and manage your multilingual website.

Built upon Laravel PHP 3.2 and Twitter Bootstrap.

You just found the right CMS solution if:

  • you are looking for a FREE Php 5.3+ CMS.
  • you have to build a multilingual website.
  • you need to deliver many media contents.
  • you plan to design a full custom layout for your site.
  • your content has to be optimized for search engines.
  • you need a clean and easy interface for your customers.
  • you want a website based on modern web technologies.
  • you need advanced features with no programming skills.

Yes, PongoCMS is all about this!

Sorry folks, but...

The PongoCMS project has been discontinued

Introduction to PongoCMS

Pongo CMS dashboard PongoCMS is a Content Management System (a.k.a. CMS ) built on top of two hottest and growing popular web technologies on the market: Laravel PHP Framework and Twitter Bootstrap.
Technically speaking, it has been authored as a “bundle” for Laravel and, as such, it can be installed and managed through its bundle repository.

Anyway, by its nature, PongoCMS was thought to build websites from ground up.
This means that, once installed, it will override all your routes already present in your application and it will take full control of all your site structure to create new page routes.
So always take care to set it up over a fresh Laravel PHP Framework application and an empty database of your choice. ( start your PongoCMS project now... )

Why should I use PongoCMS?

PongoCMS aims to meet the needs of both web developers and content editors which are usually clients with no time to learn and often minimal knowledge about app interfaces and tech stuff.

To achieve this, PongoCMS offers a full featured backend interface that has been designed to be as much clean and intuitive as possible. At the same time, under the hood, it hides lots of tools and features which can be used to dramatically speed up your website development. In fact many techy aspects of building websites have been reduced to simple point&click , drag&drop and cut&paste operations.

All this power, in addition to a smart way to organize site assets into self packaged, interchangable and backupable template folders, makes PongoCMS a really useful tool as complete to create and manage your next website project.

It features out of the box:

  • jQuery ajax powered interface
  • Multilingual website management
  • WYSIWYG or HTML rich text-areas
  • Complete Blog management
  • Multiple file uploads
  • Auto thumbnail generator
  • Front-end / back-end access level
  • Google Analytics overview
  • Granular cache management
  • Password protected pages
  • Per-page SEO optimization
  • Ready to submit sitemaps
  • Quick database backup

Enrich your site with Markers

Markers in Pongo CMS Dulcis in fundo, you can extend your site with tons of advanced functionalities through the use of MARKERS.

Markers are special tag strings which, once parameterized and injected inside your text, they render on the fly a lot of useful stuff like maps , video players , social buttons , image galleries , banner rotators , Twitter tickers and many many other stunning things.

No need of advanced programming skills anymore, just click and edit. You will love them! ( Markers API )

About the author

Fabio Fumis Fabio Fumis is a professional web developer based in Monfalcone - ITALY.
He began to take interest in web development since 1996, when he was 20. In his portfolio an e-commerce website for a leading clothing italian company, a social community website Bisiacaria.com and many company websites. Today he loves to stay informed about new web technologies, playing with Laravel framework, NodeJs , Meteor Framework , coding new jQuery plugins and browsing North Adriatic Sea with his motorboat.